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Video production – RTBF

03 2017

Task :
Production of a video explaining the new identity of the radio channel “La Première”.
Constraints: short schedule and very limited budget.

Writing, project development and production, recruitment of sub-contactors, management of the validation stages and incorporation of the feedbacks whilst respecting the initial timing and budget.

Video production and student supervision– RTBF                    

08 >12 2016

1/ Production of 2 videos to promote ‘logging in’ on the RTBF websites;
2/ Supervision of students (INRACI) in real work conditions,
3/ Production of 2 marketing videos for RTBF AUVIO.

1/ Autonomous management of the project based on the initial briefing.
Production including the shooting, team management and sound and image post-production.
Writing and creative development, coordination of feedbacks and needs, team management
and budget management.
Videos directed by Loïc Normant.

2/ Supervision of interviews filmed by students. Organisation and supervision.

3/ Production, writing and artistic direction of 2 videos explaining the creation of the RTBF Auvio brand as well as its marketing campaign in 2016.

Cross-media marketing coordination – RTBF       

03>06 2016

Mainly marketing campaign RTBF AUVIO and Euro 2016:
Coordination, marketing development, production follow up, budget management.
Pre-established timing, “all media” campaign, important strategic stake for the RTBF.

Coordination of a transversal team of 10 collaborators. Management of a 6 figure budget,
marketing and creative development, branding and visual identity development.
Tight schedule. Media plan follow up and contacts with the media agency.
The launch of the platform was a success and led to a strong increase in the digital consumption of the RTBF’s audio and video production.

Presentation of the ‘birth’ of the brand :

Presentation of the different stages of the marketing campaign:

Audiovisual production and communication – RTBF          

02 2016

Task :
Production of the marketing communication of RTBF AUVIO for the ‘Radio Pow Wow’
(an internal RTBF event). Stakes: internal communication and adoption.

Marketing and creative direction, production, management of the sub-contractors.
Deliverables: PowerPoint presentation and video. Short schedule. Efficient and impacting work.

Graphical development communication – RTBF        

02 >06 2015

Implementation and communication of the new graphical language of the 8 brands of the RTBF.
Picking up an interrupted project.

Communication with the design agency, production of the graphic charter, management of
the team, internal and external communication
, explicative audio-visual production, internal
training, creative direction and graphic charter reference.

Production of the musical score of the Code Lyoko series – Antefilms/Moonscoop            


Production of the complete musical score of the ‘Code Lyoko’ series.
(4 seasons over 4 years: 96 episodes x 26 min.)

Tight flow international production: 1 episode per week. Worldwide success (160+ countries).
Project management, production, negotiation, communication, budget management,
creative direction, music co-composition, sound editing and mixing