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Welcome to the portfolio website of Serge Tavitian.

I specialize in media production and creative project management.
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Working in the music and media world for the past 18 years, sharpening my skills in all aspects of sound, music, media, performance and transmission of information.
Serge Tavitian.


References include: RTBF.BE and related brands; the Code Lyoko cartoon series; RTL;  Ozark Henry; Antefilms/Moonscoop; Jérôme Mouscadet; Synsound studio; Dan Lacksman; LTA ; The Fuz; T4A; Event Tv; Api services; Cimatics festival; Lovo films; FIFF; Potemkino; Visual kitchen; Trillenium Expo; Recyclart; Nozon; De Nachten; Vooruit; (…)